Meaningful Marketing for Building Local Economies

Time: Thursday, Oct. 7th, 10:45 am - 11:45 am (PST)

Location: SESSION 2

Speaker(s): Erica Schulte King - Director of Marketing & Communications, INFRA; Rafi Loiederman - Content Editor, Dr. Bronner's; Stacy Kraker - Director of Marketing and Sales, Hummingbird Wholesale; Brittany England - Co-Founder & President, Kinship Creative, Moderator Annie Hoy - Board Secretary & owner, Ashland Food Co-op

In a world awash in corporate green-washing or espousing to “love local,” how do businesses in our natural products trade engage in meaning marketing which actually helps build local economies? Come join us as we focus on authentic communication and messaging that cuts through the noise and connects with our customers.


Erica Schulte King – Erica has had the role of Director of Marketing and Communications at INFRA since 2012 where she participates on the Leadership Team. She brings more than 25 years of experience in marketing, PR, and communications in the natural foods and the energy and environmental industries at both the grassroots and leadership levels. As part of her role at INFRA she acts as liaison for a variety of NGO partners in order to meet the organization’s mission around sustainability.Prior to working for INFRA, Erica was with the Center for Energy and Environment where she worked with local and state government to design, implement, market, and analyze the success of residential energy programs throughout the state of Minnesota.

Rafi Loiederman – Rafi heads up the content marketing and digital marketing teams for Dr. Bronner’s. He developed Dr. Bronner’s current social media, newsletter, and blog programs. [Editor’s Note: Since Dr. Bronner’s sources many ingredients internationally, the “local economies” aspect of relates to the supply side of the equation. We need it on both ends; it’s no good if ingredient sourcing ruins local economies on the front end, but then sales of the products to a locally based retail store only supports that end of the local economies equation.]


Stacy Kraker – A change agent by nature, Stacy believes in the power of business to act as a force for doing good in the world. She is motivated by a life-long passion for organic farming and food, and is inspired to create systems that support positive personal and community growth through authentic human connections. With more than 20 years of experience in Marketing and Communications, Stacy has spent her career working with mission-driven, food and ag businesses and non-profits. In her current role as Director of Marketing and Sales at Hummingbird Wholesale, she leads a team of Customer Service, Sales, Marketing and Sourcing pros, serves on the Leadership Team and gets to work with some of the best people you will ever meet. 

Brittany England – Since 2016, Brittany and her husband, Mackenzie have built Kinship Creative, a vibrant boutique marketing and creative agency based in Eugene, Oregon. Specializing in building purpose-driven, trusted natural food and beverage brands, Kinship has helped launch, grow, and create highly engaged communities for CPG brands throughout the U.S. and Canada through its consumer-focused approach. Previously at So Delicious Dairy Free, Brittany led a best-in-class advocacy marketing program for the fast-growing and innovative CPG brand. Her understanding of what it means to scale sustainably has led her team to work with brands of all sizes, who are committed to honesty and transparency. She is a passionate champion of driving brand success with triple bottom line results, while creating an internal culture rooted in putting people first. 

Annie Hoy – Annie grew up in the back rooms and aisles of Food Mart grocery stores in El Paso, Texas, where her father was an executive of the small regional chain. Her childhood joy was to be in the main office’s art room where sale signage was created for all locations. No wonder she served 25 years as the Marketing and Education manager at Ashland Food Co-op, Oregon. Hoy championed the conversion of the former mutual benefit corporation to a true Co-op and developed robust education programs about food, nutrition and health using local and regional experts as instructors. After retiring in 2018, she was elected to the Co-op’s Board of Directors in June 2019. She currently chairs the Owner Relations Committee and serves on the Executive Committee as Board Secretary.