Plant-Based Meat/Food Industries – Pivoting in a Pandemic

Time: Thursday, OCT 7th, 1:00 - 2:00 PM (PST)

Location: SESSION 2

Speaker(s): Christie Lagally - CEO & Founder, Rebellyous Foods; Justina Settles - Founder and CEO, Seattle Commissary Kitchen LLC; MacKenzie DeVito - Founder, No Bones Beach Club; Anne-Marie Phillips - Director of Retail Sales, Rebellyous Foods

Plant-based meat/foods is no longer a trend. It’s a rapidly growing category, with $1.4 billion in 2020 dollar sales, growing 45% since 2019.

Hear real stories from within the industry about what inspired them, their mission, their challenges and how they overcame them: price, flavor/texture, ingredients, manufacturing. They will share lessons learned during COVID on resilience and how to pivot in order to rise to the market challenge.


Christie Lagally – Christie Lagally is the founder and CEO of Rebellyous Foods, a food production technology company working to make plant-based meat price-competitive with traditional chicken products. Ms. Lagally is a mechanical engineer and holder of multiple patents in manufacturing technology. She spent much of her career in the aerospace industry working on commercial airplanes and spacecraft in testing, design, and manufacturing at Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Previously, Ms. Lagally served as a Senior Scientist for the Good Food Institute uncovering the technical barriers in the development of plant-based meat and clean meat (i.e. cultured meat). Ms. Lagally holds Bachelor’s degrees in Organizational Psychology and Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

MacKenzie DeVito – MacKenzie DeVito is the Founder and CEO of No Bones Beach Club, the world’s first plant based beach bar with former locations in Seattle, Portland and Chicago. MacKenzie is a long time ethical vegan who devotes her life to ending all animal agriculture. She adopted a vegan lifestyle after falling in love with a rescue cat named Chloe 14 years ago! She is passionate about persuading people to bring plant based meals into their everyday life, and more importantly into their restaurants. MacKenzie resides in Chicago with her husband Dylan and their 7 rescue cats. Pre-Covid, No Bones Beach Club had three thriving locations. After close consideration of how to navigate the industry, she pivoted No Bones from a restaurant chain into a food service solutions company.

Anne-Marie Phillips – Anne-Marie is the Director of Retail Sales at Rebellyous Foods. She has devoted her professional career to the sales and marketing of organic and natural foods starting with The Essential Baking Company as Director of Sales & Marketing and then later at Choice Organic Teas as VP of Sales and Marketing. Rebellyous Foods represents the ultimate opportunity to make an impact on the food industry for the benefit of the environment, animal welfare, and our humanity on a daily basis.



Justina Settles – We pride ourselves in partnering with Seattle Food producers in development, growth and expansion of their products.