Practical Time Management Just-In-Time

Time: Thursday Oct 3rd from 1:15PM to 2:45PM

Location: Mountainview Room

Speaker(s): Kjell van Zoen

We have X hours in a day to get X things crossed off the ever-growing to-do list. Most of us end our days with having done less than we thought we should/could/would.

In this workshop, we’ll explore some theory and practical tools around time from the perspective of lean whole systems thinking. Using a tool called a Kanban Board we’ll explore how the theories of Just-In-Time and Single-Piece-Flow can be applied to project, task, and email management. The immediate goal is not to ensure we can do more, but to ensure we realize how much we can really do right now.

Over time the tools change our personal relationship with time and task management. We become more aligned with the reality of how we work, live and play, as both an individual and as part of the many organizations that we may interact with during a given day.

The end goal is to stop feeling uncomfortable with what we can’t do, start appreciating all that we can do, and get more of things that are truly important to us checked off that ever-growing to-do list.

Kjell is a Strategic Energy Management (SEM) & Operations Coach at Energy 350, helping industrial clients throughout the Pacific Northwest realize energy efficiency through continuous improvement practices.

He’s also a lean & whole systems operations educator and super-nerd with over 20 years of entrepreneurial & consulting experience in the United States and Western Europe. He has have worked with businesses in the manufacturing, IT, hospitality, municipal and non-profit sectors. He’s also developed and delivered over 100 workshops & events focused on continuous improvement & whole systems thinking.

At Lean Portland, a professional non-profit organization focused on supporting continuous improvement and whole systems organizational thinking in the Portland area, He’s the educational and events lead.

When not coaching and nerding out on operations he’s a science-fiction fan, biker, hiker, climber, yoga practitioner, and drives his wife crazy by taking the doors off of the kitchen cabinets for optimum efficiency.