Retail Resilience: Disruption-Proof Management

Time: FRIDAY, OCT 23rd, 10:145 - 10:45 AM (PST)

Location: SESSION 2

Speaker(s): Mark Mulcahy - Owner, Organic Options; Brittany Baird - Columinate Consultants

Businesses are experiencing unprecedented levels of disruption with the potential for more to come.  Now more than ever, it is imperative that Businesses cultivate a resilient leadership culture in order to recover from difficulties and enable your team to pivot and innovate under challenging conditions.  Join a conversation with Mark Mulcahy and Brittany Baird to explore the pillars of Retail resilience and strategies for implementation in your organization.  We will cover these core elements of disruption proof management:

  • Transparency & Communication

  • Culture of Innovation

  • Culture of empowerment & trust

  • Culture of continual improvement

  • Accountability & Clarity of expectations

Disruption proofing your leadership and staff engagement are the pillars of resilient organizations.



Mark Mulcahy – Mark is an award-winning retail consultant, passionate teacher, and leadership mentor. He is the owner of Organic Options and a member of Columinate, providing inspirational and applicable consulting services for natural product retailers worldwide. Mark is well known for his engaging training techniques, creative merchandising, and successful financial strategies.



Brittany Baird – Brittany is a consultant with Columinate who specializes in operational and financial improvement.  Her area of expertise lies in linking financial success to the everyday decisions we make on the sales floor of a natural foods business.