Roots and Relationships: The Story of Food, Fun, and Leading the Market Again!

Time: Friday Oct 4th from 10:30AM to 12:00PM

Location: Riverview Room

Speaker(s): Mark Mulcahy (Organic Options) and Michelle O'Connor (Moxie Consulting)

Differentiating yourself from the crowd isn’t easy in
 this changing market. Where once you were the only one offering organic, fair trade or local/farmer-direct products, you may now be challenged to compete, often relying on margin loss to draw in customers.

While this is one approach, there are other options! People are looking for connection and experience, everyone wants to belong to something— you can create an experience in your store or business that draws people in and brings them back again and again. Join mark Mulcahy and Michelle O’Connor for an engaging conversation about how to make this happen!

This interactive seminar will focus on the evolving
 retail marketplace and how stores can grow sales, engage customers, and boost staff morale by working as a team committed to the goal of becoming the best department, store, and business possible.

Mark Mulcahy is the founder and owner of Organic Options, which provides transformative leadership and consulting services for natural and organic food retailers, businesses, farms,
and cafes. An award-winning consultant, educator, mentor, and organic advocate, he has spent more than 35 years in the organic produce industry-leading, guiding and inspiring others to their fullest potential.

Mark is well known for his creative merchandising, effective training techniques, unique and creative approaches to leadership, successful sales growth and promotion strategies, as well as his deep-seated passion for produce and dedication to sustainable agriculture.

He is a prominent speaker at major natural and organic food events and a regular columnist for several industry magazines and websites including the Provender journal.

Michelle O’Connor is the founder of Moxie Consulting and collaborates with Thought For Food Consulting to provide strategic and individually tailored deli operations planning and costing support to clients all over the U.S. and Canada.

For the last 18 years, Michelle has been working in the natural and organic foods industry with her experience spanning from purchasing, customer service, prep and production to management. She has extensive experience in seasonal menu writing and creating programs that delight the wide range of alternative diets represented by natural foods clientele.

Michelle is well versed in Reciprofity, CostGuard, and ChefTec and has provided software set-up and support to clients, helping them overcome the heavy lifting of entering conversions, shrink, and recipes – and ensuring clean and reliable data.