Solsara: Relational Skills for Real Life

Time: Thursday Oct 3rd from 10:15AM to 11:45AM

Location: Columbia

Speaker(s): Carrie Renee Koester - Co-Owner & Lead Facilitator, Solsara

Being human is simple, right?

Apparently not. We often go through our days holding tension; we’re tight, constricted, isolated, afraid of what others might think, a fraction of our true selves, only partially expressed, and wanting more.

This practice simplifies all that noise.

One part spiritual practice (who am I?), one part relational lab (how do I connect with others?), and one part social action (what the hell are we doing here?), this practice clears the cobwebs, veils, and illusions that we have been culturally conditioned to believe.

Can we simply be here together? Turn down the volume on the “shoulds”, “supposed tos” and “good enoughs” and leave space for the me, the now, the possibility for connection, and the chance of hope.

Steeped in mindfulness, we learn to arrive in the present moment, listen and respond to the indicators of our bodies and emotions, come into connection, and say “yes” to a life worth living.

Through simple, experiential practices, we uncover our true essence, engage in authentic connection, and actively create a human culture that is based on honesty, empathy, and vision.

This workshop will be interactive and participatory. Please come with curiosity and a willingness to connect.

Carrie has been pursuing her fascination of the human body and how it can serve as a vehicle for greater awakening and understanding since 1997. With an extensive professional background in yoga, Pilates, meditation, massage, and women’s health, she offers a deeply informed perspective of the interplay between body and emotion.

Carrie’s approach is relational and engaging, yet also direct. She stewards a clear and compassionate environment in which each person is able to explore their unique strengths and inner resources, as well as struggles or challenges that may prevent them from thriving. Skillfully, she guides clients and students to uncover experiences beyond the mind and unlock the wisdom held within the body and the present moment. It is here that she encourages students to dwell in the intersection between somatic psychology and spiritual awakening.