Supporting Immune Health with Plant Medicine

Time: Thursday, OCT 7th - 2:30 - 3:30 PM

Location: SESSION 1

Speaker(s): Melissa Mutterspaugh - Founder/Formulator/Educator, Mountain Mel's Essential Goods & The Herbalist's Path; Elise Higley - Owner/Farmer, Oshala Farm

Immune health is everything in today’s world. With excess stress of our daily events, and being in the midst of a pandemic, there is no more important time to support our immune health and function than right now. So many of our businesses are struggling with understaffed teams among all of the other chaos we are forced to deal with. Bring on the cooler weather and the holiday rushes, it’s no secret that we must do what we can to keep our teams healthy.

In this workshop, you’ll discover great ways to use plant medicine to keep your team well so that you can better support your customers, your organization, and the entire natural products movement!”


Elise HigleyElise is a folk herbalist, wife, mother, grandmother and farmer. With her background in Western Herbalism at California School of Herbal Studies and her husband Jeff’s background in organic farming, they blended their dreams and created a full-fledged herb farm in 2013. Together they own and operate Oshala Farm. The farm is a 145 acre family-run farm in Applegate Valley, Oregon with 80 plus medicinal herbs in cultivation.

Her teachers/mentors include many: including Cascade Anderson Geller, Rosemary Gladstar, Karen Aguiar, Teri Jensen, Lily Mazzarella, Autumn Summers, David Hoffman, Shana Lipner-Grover, Jon Carlson and of course the plants themselves! In her downtime, (9pm-5am) she helps with the Breitenbush Herbal Conference, TerraVita Herbal Symposium and works on agricultural advocacy.

Melissa Mutterspaugh – Mel is a Clinical Herbalist, and product formulator at Mountain Mel’s Essential Goods. She’s also an Herbal Educator and podcast host on The Herbalist’s Path, where they’re inspiring a movement for there to be an Herbalist in Every Home, Again!