Systems Thinking Just-In-Time

Time: Friday Oct 4th from 1:30PM to 3:00PM

Location: Mt. Hood

Speaker(s): Kjell van Zoen (Energy 350) and David Hall, Ph.D. (Seed Pattern, LLC)

Whether at home or at work, we all to often succumb to doing things before we need to. We take our valuable time to work on something that can wait only to find out later that the parameters have changed. We buy materials for something we plan to do in the future but plans change. We analyze the per-piece cost and buy in bulk to save money.

However, when you apply systems thinking and account for branching effects (i.e., one action has more than one effect), the true cost often outweighs the financial savings. Lean just-in-time thinking is a way of applying systems thinking to anything we do by asking the simple question “do we need to do/buy/acquire this right now, or can it wait”? Every time we wait, we save time and/or raw material from being extracted from Earth. These small savings add up, significantly reducing our ecological impact, and can free up time and resources to invest in other opportunities to create a more sustainable, regenerative society.

Find out how you can transform your decision-making process around when and how much to do/buy to one rooted in systems thinking just-in-time.

Kjell van Zoen is a Strategic Energy Management (SEM) & Operations Coach at Energy 350, helping industrial clients throughout the Pacific Northwest realize energy efficiency through continuous improvement practices.

He’s also a lean & whole systems operations educator and super-nerd with over 20 years of entrepreneurial & consulting experience in the United States and Western Europe. He has have worked with businesses in the manufacturing, IT, hospitality, municipal and non-profit sectors. He’s also developed and delivered over 100 workshops & events focused on continuous improvement & whole systems thinking.

At Lean Portland, a professional non-profit organization focused on supporting continuous improvement and whole systems organizational thinking in the Portland area, He’s the educational and events lead.

When not coaching and nerding out on operations he’s a science-fiction fan, biker, hiker, climber, yoga practitioner, and drives his wife crazy by taking the doors off of the kitchen cabinets for optimum efficiency.

As an educator and consultant, David Hall appreciates the opportunity to work with people towards creating better ways to live and work together.
With a keen eye towards organizational culture and the factors that support and undermine collaboration, David brings expertise to the human dimensions of organizational life and sustainability. He employs a whole systems approach to his work, uniting theory and practice to engage and empower people to affect change.

David earned a Ph.D. in Systems Science: Psychology and an MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and is humbled daily by all he still has to learn. David is a facilitator and consultant with Seed Pattern, LLC. He serves at Portland State University as an Adjunct Professor in the Systems Science Program and Psychology Department, a Senior Capstone Instructor for University Studies, and an Instructor in the Center for Executive and Professional Education.