The Language of Flavor

Time: Thursday Oct 4th from 1:15PM to 2:45PM

Location: Mountainview Room

Speaker(s): Mark Mulcahy, Michelle O'Connor

The market place is changing faster than ever and in order to keep up sometimes its best to slow down and remember why and how we do the work we call ours.

The Language of Flavor explores our relationship to food, and guides the participant into a new, exciting, and intimate world of flavor and pleasure. Designed to be engaging, participatory, and inspiring, The Language of Flavor seminar offers an authentic new experience of food and all its components that will truly change the way seminar participants eat, view, sell and understand food forever.

This seminar lead by passionate food advocates Mark Mulcahy and Michelle O’Connor will inspire you and your team to embrace the your role as your customers true culinary concierge.