What do we do with Regenerative Agriculture?

Time: Friday Oct 4th from 1:30PM to 3:00PM

Location: Shoreline Room

Speaker(s): Dag Falck

Key elements of presentation:
• Framing “Regenerative” e.g. conventional, no spray, organic etc.
• What are regenerative practices in standard good old organic?
• Is something missing from organic to make it fully regenerative? If so what?
• Success of movements, what are the components?
• Examples like the Non-GMO Project?
• ROC Pilot in Saskatchewan, -what we’re learning
• Deal with tillage issue
• Studies comparing conventional no-till and organic
• Everything is a balance
• Messaging to consumers (eaters) is it truthful and helpful?
• Riding out storms – What we built is really cool, now we have to defend it!