What Do We Do with Regenerative Agriculture?

Time: Friday Oct 4th from 1:30PM to 3:00PM

Location: Shoreline Room

Speaker(s): Dag Falck - Organic Program Manager, Nature's Path Foods

Having grown up along with the organic movement since the late ’70s, workshop presenter Dag watched the successes and failures along the way. 
He asks us, “Organic has been the leading movement in the mix of many other movements like biodynamic, sustainable, local, fair trade, Non-GMO, etc.. Now looking at regenerative agriculture we need to face questions about where organic fits, or if it is regenerative agriculture that fits with organic? Are the two movements compatible, complementary or conflicting? How do we maximize the intrinsic values of organic while lending experience and support for other movements with similar goals and values?”

Key elements of this workshop:

• Framing “Regenerative” e.g. conventional, no spray, organic, etc.
• What are regenerative practices in standard good old organic?
• Is something missing from organic to make it fully regenerative? If so what?
• The success of movements, what are the components?
• Examples like the Non-GMO Project?
• ROC Pilot in Saskatchewan, -what we’re learning
• Deal with tillage issue
• Studies comparing conventional no-till and organic
• Everything is a balance
• Messaging to consumers (eaters) is it truthful and helpful?
• Riding out storms – What we built is really cool, now we have to defend it!


Working with Nature’s Path Foods since 2003 has afforded Dag the opportunity to work intimately with many aspects of the organic movement such as regulations, enforcement, supply and customer interactions. Prior to coming to Nature’s Path, Dag was an independent organic inspector for 14 years, auditing all types of farms and processing facilities.

President: COTA (Canada Organic Trade Association)
Board member: IFOAM NA.
Co-Chair: Carbon Sequestration in Organic Task Force, Organic Value Chain Round Table Canada

Dag also oversees the operations of the 5,000 acres Legend Organic Farm in Saskatchewan, that is currently enrolled in a pilot for the Rodale Organic Certification program (ROC).