Provender Member Voices: From the Front Lines of Food & COVID-19

March 31st 2020






compiled by Abigail Harris – Executive Director, Provender Alliance

Last week Provender sent out a short survey to Provender membership for an informal report of what it’s like for our members out “on the front lines.” Twenty-two members took time out from their busy work lives to share their experiences.

When given the option to have their responses be anonymous, approximately 40% of those surveyed requested to have their names and company be left off of their comments. To me, this reflects the natural stress and vulnerability that people are feeling in their work and personal lives under the pressures of living with the impact of the pandemic surrounding us.

Given that almost half of the respondents requested this, I decided to list all responses without name or company. It presents a slightly jumbled report from the front lines, yet it also reflects the jumbled mood of many essential workers in our industry right now.

Here we go:

How’s it going logistically on the front lines? (supply chain issues, distribution issues, customer relations, etc.)


How are you holding up? What experiences from the front lines of your business would you like to share with the Provender community? (Fears, inspiration, fiscal implications, burnout, insights, etc.)


Level of contact with customers