Rising Stars is Coming to You!

December 13th 2018

by The Rising Stars Leadership Team

The Times They are A-Changing

If you’ve been to the Provender conference or worked in the natural products movement these past few decades, you’ve more than likely heard of the Rising Stars leadership training program. Over the past few months you may have also heard that we are retiring our old model and wondering what’s next for Allen, Carolee and I. Well for starters we aren’t retiring from training actually far from it. We have come up with a new model that we are excited to share with you.

What’s New?

For 20 years people have traveled from all over the U.S. and Canada to engage in three full days of dynamic and career-changing work at our seminars. While this set the standard for natural foods retail training we, like the marketplace and our clients, need to keep evolving. So we’re changing our model to better suit our clients’ needs and to create the best possible learning experience.

We’ll Come to You

Now, instead of you coming to us, we’re coming to you! That’s right. We’ll come to work with 20 to 50 members of your management team, right there in your own neighborhood — saving you money on travel and hotel costs to boot.

…And We’ll Personalize the Training

Bringing decades of our content development and presentation experience, we’ll personalize our famous Rising Stars leadership development content to create a custom training workshop just for you!

We’ll review with you a quick-and-easy assessment form to help you select an optimal mix of topics. Later, we’ll request some materials (i.e., your staff handbook) so we can teach and refer to your store’s policies and procedures.

Of course, we’ll work on the areas your staff most need — but with a deeper dive. We’ve redesigned much of our content to give participants more hands-on practice, so your team will more fully own and use what they learn.

If you are interested in having us work with your business, reach out and we’ll see how we can make something work.

See you around the Northwest and for sure at Provender next year!

The Rising Stars Leadership team

Mark Mulcahy, Allen Seidner and Carolee Colter

Check out our Leadership Development Workshop Topics.

We have at least a week’s worth and, with a custom-designed multi-day workshop, we look forward to meeting your training and leadership development needs on a whole new level!  Note which topics are of interest and we’ll help you make an optimal workshop agenda. We have either basic or advanced content for most topics, so most are relevant for all audiences. A few topics are (A) exclusively for experienced managers, or (B) only for new managers, leads and assistants.

Emotionally Intelligent Customer Service: Practice and develop the five skills of emotional intelligence— self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, empathy and social skill—to deliver outstanding customer service (and be a better supervisor).

Staffing For Success: Motivational fit is the degree of alignment between what a person seeks in a job and what the job is actually like. Identify what you’re looking for in a new employee, learn how to tell if an applicant has it, and determine if there is motivational fit between the person and the job.

Structuring the New Staffer Introductory Period: Start new hires off on the right foot, and take advantage of the opportunity to address hiring mismatches promptly.

Training That Works: Create conditions for optimum learning and use techniques for training right the first time. (B)

Bringing Your Passion to Work: Connect with what you love about your work. Rediscover your capacity for playing while working, and inspire others with your enthusiasm.

Controlling Your Calendar: Techniques for using your time effectively.

Developing Your People, Level I: Grow your people’s skills and move tasks off your platter, freeing your focus for the most important parts of your job. (B)

Developing Your People, Level II: Create succession plans for management positions, and learn tools to implement the plans. Prepare staff for promotion. (A)

Conducting Evaluations That Inspire: Using your co- op’s (company’s) existing evaluation instruments, practice conducting performance evaluation meetings that focus on development. Learn how to handle particularly challenging evaluations.

Building a Shared Vision: Using SWOT analysis to set a group’s agenda

Paying for Performance: Handling pay raise decisions when raises depend at least partly on individual performance. (A)

Accountability Counseling & Consequences: Understand the factors that motivate behavior. Learn how to give effective positive reinforcement and critical feedback. Practice skills needed at each stage of progressive corrective action, from verbal feedback to coaching to written warnings to termination.

Conflict Resolution: Tools for resolving workplace conflicts and building better work relationships between coworkers and between supervisors and employees.

Daily Huddles: Learn and troubleshoot (?) an effective two-way communications tool for keeping all members of a team informed and giving them input on decisions that affect their work. (B)

Teamwork on the Leadership Team: Forge a group of managers into a team with a meaningful purpose, specific performance goals, agreed-upon operating rules, mutual accountability and effective meetings. (A)

Sampling and Impulse Merchandising: Involve staff in increasing sales through sampling, cross-merchandising and display ideas.

Playing by the Numbers: Sales, Margin & Labor: Understand the basics of department financial statements and how all staff members can make a difference. (B)

Managing Up: Master the skills of middle management and build a better relationship with your own boss. Learn how to propose investing in equipment and labor to increase department results. (A)

Burn Out & Renewal: Practice self-care for a sustainable career in your workplace.

Embodying Leadership Integrity: Explore what integrity means in the workplace, assess your own integrity and provide leadership in your own team and organization. (A)

For more information you may contact any of the Rising Stars Leadership Team:

Carolee Colter, CDS Consulting Co-op Nelson, BC, (250) 505-5166, [email protected]coop

Mark Mulcahy, Organic Options Consulting, (707) 495-2168, [email protected]

Allen Seidner, Thought For Food Consulting, (415) 497-7861, [email protected]