Alyssa Harding to head Sustainable Food Trade Association

July 22nd 2019

Alyssa Harding, new Executive Director of SFTA to take over as Katherine DiMatteo transitions out of her 5-years of leadership in the role.

New Castle, VA (July 23, 2019)

The Sustainable Food Trade Association (SFTA) Board of Directors is pleased to announce its selection of Alyssa Harding as the next SFTA Executive Director.

“We are thrilled to bring on Alyssa as Executive Director (ED) at this important juncture for the organization. With the increasing public concern about everything from climate change to disposable packaging, companies involved with the food system are uniquely positioned— both as impacted parties and positive change agents—to address these challenges head-on. We have a unique opportunity given the current cultural and scientific context to magnify the positive impact of SFTA in guiding food companies down a more sustainable operating path and are excited to work with Alyssa in doing so.” —Renaud des Rosiers, Vice-President SFTA Board of Directors

Alyssa Harding takes the reins on August 19, 2019, from Katherine DiMatteo, who had announced in February that she was leaving her role in the organization to return to her consultancy business, Wolf, DiMatteo + Associates.

“I am very excited to join the SFTA team. My personal mission has always been to drive institutional change through sustainability, and this position offers me a unique opportunity to aggregate the good of the natural products industry and scale sustainable collective impact programs through businesses of all sizes. I hope to build on the momentum that the SFTA has already created and to leverage new resource tools and strategic partnerships to broaden the impact of the organization. I’d like to see the SFTA grow holistic efforts around policy, material sourcing, reporting, and consumer education in order to build a more regenerative future for the food industry,” said Harding.

Alyssa Harding has been the Corporate Social Responsibility + External Relations Manager at Justin’s in Boulder, CO since November 2016. She received a BA degree in Environmental Science from the University of Florida and a Corporate Social Responsibility certificate from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Alyssa currently serves as a board member of Naturally Boulder, and on the Development Committee of Harvest of Hope Pantry.

About the Sustainable Food Trade Association
A membership organization that represents organic companies in North America, the Sustainable Food Trade Association supports businesses in creating and implementing innovative, sustainable practices across the supply chain, from farm to retail. The SFTA program consists of education, networking, analytic modules, training, resources and leadership recognition. For details, read our 2018 Annual Report. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @sustyfoodtrade.