Why We Need Your Help?

The Provender Alliance has been the heart and soul of the natural foods movement for over 40 years. 

While the values-driven natural foods movement has been largely co-opted by the profit-driven natural foods industry, we know you’re one of the businesses that genuinely care about upholding those values and aspire to drive meaningful change in the world. 

The Alliance is in financial straits due to the challenges COVID presents to our annual education conference, which has historically been the vehicle that’s kept Provender financially viable. 

If the Provender Alliance goes away, we lose a vital forum that promulgates those values while also educating us on how to most effectively operate our businesses. 

We need our existing members more than ever, but we understand the challenges you face from corporate competition and increasing labor costs. Investing in the Provender Alliance is investing in the future of our businesses as well as in the values we hold dear. 

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Educating and Inspiring others is important to me

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Provender Alliance exists to educate and inspire our community, providing the tools for education, leadership and community in the natural products trade.

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Nourishing and celebratory environment

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Provender Stewardship Fund

Our goal is to reach $5,000 per month in sustaining contributions and with the generous gift from Gavin McComas of Sundance Natural Foods of $1,000 per month for the next 5 years, we are on our way! Pledge now to the Stewardship Fund with a one-time or monthly commitment to secure the future of the Provender Alliance.

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I want my legacy and that of Sundance to be that we kept faith with our values and did our best to help make the world a better place. Sundance Natural Foods has made a 5-year commitment to support the fund at the rate of 33 dollars a day, or $1,000 a month, which amounts to about 10% of our profits.

Gavin McComas

Sundance Natural Foods

"The Stewardship Fund allows our Executive Director the ability to be more creative and develop new programs to better serve our community by ridding her of the cash flow burden instead of needing her time and energy to be primarily devoted to fundraising for our organization."

Mark DiMaggio

Red Duck Foods

Providing the tools for education, leadership, and community in the natural products trade

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"I chose to support Provender because It’s where my heart is. Provender does the important work in the world of binding us together in support for one another, in support of our businesses, and in shared values and love."

Laurie Bock

Transformations Marketing