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Manufacturers Round Table

July 15th 2018

With no category left untouched by the explosion in new product launches and a fiercely competitive marketplace, how do natural food and wellness manufacturers navigate the space, scale with intention and set priorities? Join us for a round table discussion into the growth challenges faced by regional, fast growth small and medium sized businesses. Learn about practical, innovative steps and solutions being tested and implemented to build strong, resilient brands and supply chains.

Facilitation – Great Meetings & Beyond

July 6th 2018

Having a skilled facilitator as a part of your work group can transform unproductive check ins and meetings into inspirational and motivating work sessions. During our time together we will practice facilitation techniques that will support achieving great results with your team.  Participants will walk away with tools that assist in structuring great conversations and support follow through and accountability.

Earth, Humans and Fungi: A Shared History

July 6th 2018

A presentation about Fungi (Mushrooms), its history with the planet, and importance to humans cross-culturally around the world. Seven important species will be cited and their value in support of our own immune health discussed*. Information presented is based on the work of Paul Stamets, D.Sc. recognized mycologist, author, speaker and environmentalist. Dr. Stamets’ incredible realization that liquid mushroom extracts can help honeybees overcome Colony Collapse Disorder will be discussed. Also of interest will be mushroom mycelium (the rootlike network) [Read More]

Navigating the World of CBDs in the Natural Products Industry

July 2nd 2018

Are you interested in incorporating CBDs into your current product line or curating new or additional CBD products into your retail location? There is a booming market for Hemp derived CBD products, yet there are many learning curves for buyers and manufacturers to navigate in incorporating this long misrepresented and incredibly healing plant into your products or onto store shelves. Christina Sasser, CEO and Chief Formulator for Vital Leaf, a Portland, Oregon based purpose driven CBD wellness company will walk [Read More]

Scientific Aromatherapy for Year-round Wellness!

June 25th 2018

While nothing replaces nourishing diet, adequate physical activity, healthy sleep, etc., organic essential oils, hydrosols & virgin plant oils can play amazing roles in supporting the many systems of the body (circulatory, immune, integumentary, musculoskeletal, respiratory, nervous, and more!) and can be a beautiful and integral part of your health and wellness goals. In this workshop, we’ll explore important topics such as: What essential oils are and why plants make them. How essential oils are “made” (expression, steam/hydro distillation, CO2 etc.) [Read More]

Alternative Approaches to Distribution

June 11th 2018

The Natural Products Industry has been pushing innovation and transformation in our food systems for decades.  Mainstream markets have adopted our approach to marketing, quality and local sourcing, and authentic connections between people and their food. Just when you might think it’s all been done and it’s either tiny and local or gigantic and growing, new Distributors are entering the market. During this workshop we will learn about three Distributors that have approached delivering products to customers in new and [Read More]

A Fresh Experience – Engaging Customers Through Authenticity

June 10th 2018

Staying relevant in a competitive and changing retail landscape can be a challenging task. Using a fresh department perspective, we will examine the power of embracing transparency and promoting the real attributes of your organization, program, and products. Accentuate the uniqueness of your business and differentiate your brand by cultivating an authentic approach to customer service, nurturing knowledgeable staff, and offering the added value of a one of a kind experience. Move from surviving to thriving by building connections between [Read More]

25 Ways to Grow Daily Deli Sales by $25

June 10th 2018

Hitting your financial goals doesn’t haven’t to be treacherous work. It can actually be some of the most fun and creative work you do. How? By growing your sales! Growing sales is the elixir! And with higher sales you’ll be able to better develop your operation and invest in its future. Generating just $25 more a day adds up to more than $9000 a year. Do that a few times over and you’ve grown sales enough to add a full-time [Read More]

The Language of Flavor

June 10th 2018

The market place is changing faster than ever and in order to keep up sometimes its best to slow down and remember why and how we do the work we call ours. The Language of Flavor explores our relationship to food, and guides the participant into a new, exciting, and intimate world of flavor and pleasure. Designed to be engaging, participatory, and inspiring, The Language of Flavor seminar offers an authentic new experience of food and all its components that [Read More]

DIY The Drupe: Coconut Milk at Home!

June 10th 2018

By now, many of us are familiar with the various health benefits and versatile uses of coconut milk. However, purchasing it can be costly. Learn more about the drupe and it’s vast array of benefits. In this workshop you will discover how simple it really is to make your own coconut milk at home and leave you inspired with the endless possibilities for culinary application. Be sure to stick around for samples of Coconut Bliss ice cream to motivate your [Read More]

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Safety and Security* (But Were Afraid to Ask)

June 10th 2018

In this Q&A format, Paul and Carolee will ask and answer some of the most pressing–and challenging–questions for companies maintaining a safe space to work and shop. Are you prepared for a power failure? What about a medical emergency? What are the top-priority steps you can take to minimize loss of life and property in a natural disaster? What if there’s an armed robbery? Does your staff know what to do? How do you train your staff in safety and [Read More]

Constant Vigilance! Keeping an Eye on Sustainable Packaging Trends

June 10th 2018

Selecting as sustainable of packaging as possible for your presents a multi-layered puzzle. What are packaging traits that companies considering packaging improvements can keep in mind when developing new packaging guidelines or products? What challenges continue to be faced in spite of best efforts? What are other doing to be more sustainable? To help answer these questions, Constant Vigilance! introduces attendees to traits and tools (i.e. Life Cycle Assessments) that can help make packaging more sustainable, and some packaging types [Read More]

The Controversial Shopping Basket & Keeping USDA Organic Strong

June 10th 2018

Back by popular demand! This session will provide up-to-date and accurate information on various controversial organic issues (background and current status) including where the topic is at in the regulatory process and how shoppers can weigh in and make their voices heard. Featured topics in the shopping basket may include (depending on audience interest and current events): animal welfare, allowed non-organic ingredients, GMO labeling regulations, new organic (plus) label claims & private certifications. Do you have specific questions or concerns? [Read More]