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Retail Resilience: Disruption-Proof Management

October 1st 2020

Businesses are experiencing unprecedented levels of disruption with the potential for more to come.  Now more than ever, it is imperative that Businesses cultivate a resilient leadership culture in order to recover from difficulties and enable your team to pivot and innovate under challenging conditions.  Join a conversation with Mark Mulcahy and Brittany Baird to explore the pillars of Retail resilience and strategies for implementation in your organization.  We will cover these core elements of disruption proof management: Transparency & [Read More]

Brokers – Facilitating the Difference

September 27th 2020

Brokers play a variety of different roles in bringing products to market and helping them to succeed. In this panel discussion, you will meet brokers from around Provender’s broker network who each have different areas of focus, but have in common the skill of matching your products (if you’re a manufacturer) with the right distribution and retail partners, or matching your product assortment (if you’re a retailer) with the right new products. The best broker is a matchmaker between several [Read More]

Friday Keynote: Passion, Purpose,and Partnership

August 23rd 2020

The environment that we find ourselves in 2020 is without a doubt dynamic, robust and volatile in ways that many of us have not experienced in our lifetime. How we show up, what we pay attention to and how we define our purpose has never been more important. Real and perceived barriers to success in the natural and organic space continue to shift and change. Passion alone is not enough, though keeping it close to enable pulling yourself up [Read More]

The Return of the Buffalo with TANKA Bison Bars

August 23rd 2020

Native American Natural Foods, an innovative, Native American owned and operated company that produces the highly acclaimed TANKA Bar, recently announced the closing of a multi-million-dollar equity capital investment. This positive news stands in stark contrast to their position one year ago when Tanka was on the brink of losing everything due to larger competitors with deeper pockets squeezing them out of the market. The brand’s comeback and exciting trajectory are thanks to a diverse set of partners—including investigative food [Read More]