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Provender Pathfinders 2021: Insights and Inspiration from Innovative Leaders

September 19th 2021

This workshop’s focus is for Provender membership leaders to share from their career lessons learned along the way, and bring their meaningful message to the conversation with their big-picture vision, practical perspective, and how the values they hold dear has shaped the businesses that they run. BIO: Shawn DonnilleShawn is Mountain Rose Herbs’ owner and CEO. He first became involved with Mountain Rose Herbs as a passionate young idealist with a fervent desire to change the world. [Read More]

Meaningful Marketing for Building Local Economies

September 19th 2021

In a world awash in corporate green-washing or espousing to “love local,” how do businesses in our natural products trade engage in meaning marketing which actually helps build local economies? Come join us as we focus on authentic communication and messaging that cuts through the noise and connects with our customers. BIOS: Erica Schulte King – Erica has had the role of Director of Marketing and Communications at INFRA since 2012 where she participates on the Leadership [Read More]

The Future of Food – What’s Up Ahead?

September 19th 2021

  This past year has brought the realities of destabilization in food production to our very doorsteps. How will fires, floods, and water rationing inform what’s up ahead with produce supplies and other essential product ingredients? Which shortages are we facing? What are the opportunities and possible solutions? Learn from multiple perspectives to help natural food stores, manufacturers, and others plan for the upcoming year with practical tips and bigger-picture perspectives.    Bios: Charlie Tilt along with his wife [Read More]

SPECIAL EDITION! Community Conversations: Staffing Recruitment

September 19th 2021

Come join the conversation at this essential workshop about the sharing of best practices that support full staffing levels. Chronic under-staffing is taking a toll on those who show up to work each day, and stressing businesses to the maximum. We’ll be addressing shortages, strategies, and possible solutions for you and your business.  We have a selection of key contributors to reflect the membership of Provender: Retailers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers and Sales Professionals. Each key contributor provides a genuine [Read More]

Rebuilding Trust When Trust is Broken

September 19th 2021

In the last year and a half we’ve all been through a collective trauma, and we’re feeling burnt out. The way to get through this is by creating and sustaining supportive relationships. However, supportive relationships are impossible without a foundation of trust. Trust requires transparency, consistency and vulnerability. In this workshop, we’ll take a deeper look at the concept of trust, and learn how each person can help rebuild trust in their workplace, regardless of their role in the [Read More]

Making a Commitment to Climate

September 19th 2021

Selecting a ‘northern star’ to guide your company’s climate mitigation activities is critical to shape company culture and prioritize climate efforts. Attend this expert panel discussion to learn about the many climate commitments that are gaining traction, such as Net Zero, Climate Neutral, and Climate Positive. The panel will unpack how these compare and contrast, and examine actions that natural product companies are taking to achieve these [Read More]

2021 Conference Opening Reception! Flavor Foundations: Purpose and Passion

September 19th 2021

  Welcome to the 45th Annual Provender Educational Conference opening reception with the Flavor Foundations experience. Kick-off the conference with Mark Mulcahy and Samuel Vandegrift and a whole slew of your Provender friends on Wednesday night October 6th from 5;30pm -7:00 pm PST. See below for a list of things to gather prior to our time together to create the best experience possible. Don’t drink alcohol? Bring what you like and join in the fun. This is an immersive party, [Read More]

Supporting Immune Health with Plant Medicine

September 19th 2021

Immune health is everything in today’s world. With excess stress of our daily events, and being in the midst of a pandemic, there is no more important time to support our immune health and function than right now. So many of our businesses are struggling with understaffed teams among all of the other chaos we are forced to deal with. Bring on the cooler weather and the holiday rushes, it’s no secret that we must do what we can to [Read More]

Plant-Based Meat/Food Industries – Pivoting in a Pandemic

September 19th 2021

Plant-based meat/foods is no longer a trend. It’s a rapidly growing category, with $1.4 billion in 2020 dollar sales, growing 45% since 2019. Hear real stories from within the industry about what inspired them, their mission, their challenges and how they overcame them: price, flavor/texture, ingredients, manufacturing. They will share lessons learned during COVID on resilience and how to pivot in order to rise to the market challenge. BIOS: Christie Lagally – Christie Lagally is the founder and CEO [Read More]

Kind and Effective Leadership

September 19th 2021

Our work environments, volunteer service projects, and civic engagements are all in need of kind and effective leaders. This session will show how kindness to self, coworkers and external stakeholders can build upon one another to drive meaningful, positive transformation in the workplace and community. The past year and a half has shown us many things about our culture.We witnessed community-wide commitments to sacrifice and serving the common good, especially front-line workers in our natural foods industry. Simultaneously, however, we [Read More]

Professional Skills in 2021

September 19th 2021

This workshop is about improving your Professional Skills and personal conduct in this new world of natural foods and products. Come gain new opportunities and finding success. The workshop focus is about employees wishing to improve professional growth, specifically entry level employees. Many times existing employees are passed over for promotions or opportunities to grow within their current organization. There is the need for professional training with resume writing, practices in interview skills and techniques, to first [Read More]

Maximizing Your Deli’s Pandemic Potential

September 18th 2021

The last 18 months of the pandemic is filled with sudden changes we’ve had to make in food sales and service. There’s never been a more critical time to add or upgrade the breadth, content and presentation of your hot and cold Grab & Go programs. See and hear about the widening universe of successful pre-pack categories and timely pro tips about portioning, pricing, packaging, labeling and merchandising. You’ll walk away with fresh ideas to implement with your own deli [Read More]

Closing Circle with Stephen Markham and Meg Kennedy

October 17th 2020

  Take a deep breath and gather one final time with the Provender Community for a closing circle to complete our time together. Led by past board member Stephen Markham, and present board secretary Meg Kennedy.   Stephen Markham – A passionate spiritual seeker planting seeds for connection/collective consciousness for us ALL on the PATH to healing ourselves, our home, this Earth. Food is Unifying and our NW Natural Community is my soil. Stephen’s background includes a Master of [Read More]