Voices from the 2019 Conference: Provender’s 43rd Annual Educational Conference Highlights

November 12th 2019

Here are just a few of the many comments from a fun, informative, and inspirational 2019 Provender Alliance Conference:


Introduction to Conscious Leadership

“The awareness and responsibility for my own emotions and approaching those without judgement. And so much more. This was an excellent workshop.”

“So many tools we walked away with and seriously–this intensive was INTENSE in a good way.”

“Applies to every aspect of my life. Rich material I’ll be thinking about and building on for a long time.”

“The facilitator was honest, open, and challenging. Her playfulness and personality allowed me to open up and participate with a truly open mind and heart.”




“More than I anticipated….deeper and sweeter. Love the stories yet to be told and lived…Provender’s the best.”














From Fear to Discovery: Harnessing the Power of an OPEN Mind

“I learned creative thinking and team building techniques. Communication tips, receiving, giving, inventive thought processes, pushing comfort zones.”

“A big take-away: how to accept info from others in a new way. “

“Great team building!”

The Millenial Manager

“I liked the poise of presenter and info re: how workforces that take breaks together are more productive.”


Joining the Journey to Regenerative Organic Certification

“Having a representative from ROC as well as a manufacturer that is going through the ROC process was helpful. Together, they presented a well rounded view of the project.”




Roots and Relationships: The Story of Food, Fun and Leading the Market Again!

“The presenter did a great job of bringing strangers together in a fun and creative setting. I love his positive spirit and encouragement for us to always think outside the box and not to be afraid to be silly – it makes the work fun”


Supply Chain Solidarity: How Retailers, Manufacturers, and Consumers Can Help Small-Farmers Fight Climate Change

The two presenters are clearly very excited about what they do and they brought that to the group. I will explore farmer training and cooperation with our local producers. “

“I liked learning that we can give useful help to small farmers and connect our members to them.”


Fresh Connections: Transparency in the Retail Environment

“One thing I will implement at work: clarify expectations with staff and customers.”

“Gave me multiple ideas of how to bring transparency to my organization. “

“Pay attention to how I show up in conversation and what context I bring.”



Earth, Humans & Fungi: A Shared History

“İ can actually tell our customers what the mushroom teas do now.”

“Energy of the presenter was really good; it was a very good overview of mycology and it’s role in the human body and human history while also giving good concrete examples of each. Really excellent stuff.”

“Mushrooms can save the world!!”


Raising the Bar: Dismantling Dysfunction in our Organizations

“Unexpected new understanding…identifying defensiveness in myself and stepping back from it before it turns into lashing out or not engaging is a useful tool”

“The historical context was amazing.”

“Reminding me of my own biases. Keeping the conversation going.”

“I agree that we need to know the history behind this topic and I loved how much detail it went into. I also loved the fact that they referenced source material that we can find to further our inquiries.”