What’s Happening!

June 17th 2017

-from the desk of Vicki Reich, Interim Executive Director

You hold in your virtual hands the first issue of the Provender e-Newsletter sent from our new membership software, Wild Apricot.  It might not seem that exciting but it’s a big step forward for us.  Getting things in place to launch the new software has been a bit of work. It’s not done yet but if I waited for it to be perfect (which is my natural inclination), you might never have gotten this e-mail.

Members should be getting their Journals any day now and the cover story talks about the benefits this new software will offer them.  However, not everyone on our mailing list is a member so I I hope members will excuse me for repeating myself while I discuss some of the cool new things we will be able to do.

The feature that is most exciting for members and non-members alike is the ability to take on-line registrations for the conference.  Folks have been asking for this for awhile and it’s exciting to be able to finally offer this service.  Don’t worry, you can still register off-line if you would like.  We will post the Conference Schedule on-line as soon as it is finalized and you can register right away on-line or print off the registration form and send it in with your check.

Another cool thing that Wild Apricot allows us to do is send you only the emails that you want.  If you’d like to only be notified of job openings or events like the conference, you can log into your account (everyone receiving this e-mail has one) and opt in or out of the e-mails you’d like to receive.  Go to provenderalliance.wildapricot.org and click on the little blue icon in the upper right corner of your screen.  Hit the reset password link and follow the instructions.  If you or your organization is already a member, you will be able to access the member -only section (which is pretty limited at this point) of the website as well.

Speaking of member-only sections, those include a blog with content only available to members, a forum to continue those great discussions we always have at the conference, and a membership directory so you can connect with that person you were talking to over lunch but forgot to get their e-mail address.  And since privacy is a priority for us, you can decide if you want to be listed in the directory at all and what information other members can see.  Just log in and edit your membership account under the privacy tab.

As I said in the beginning, I’m still just figuring out how to use all the cool tools that Wild Apricot provides.  As we learn more, we will figure out more ways to serve our members better and provide you with the information and connection that you want.  The road to that perfect place will most likely be bumpy.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any trouble logging in or changing anything in your profile.  I’m here to help.  And I’d love to here your ideas of how we can use this powerful software to make Provender even better than it already is!