We invite you to join us as a Provender Alliance Steward. Your monthly, quarterly, or annual contribution will provide the means for Provender’s solid footing into the future. As a Steward, you are an essential part of the natural foods movement of ensuring independence and integrity for generations to come.

Provender is unique because the organization is not funded or supported by large, multi-national corporations. Our core support comes through our business and individual members, all of whom have the most impact on local, regenerative food economies. Provender is supporting and creating within this ecosystem, which your contribution will further sustain.

There are many ways to become a Provender Steward. You can tailor your contributions to fit your budget: One time, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.  We also offer the following three options for you. Starting last year, Stewardship Fund founder Gavin McComas has given $1,000 per month, committing to a total $50,000 pledge over a 5 year time period. We’d like you to consider that this will be a 1-3 years minimum commitment, or 3-5 years.


For your generous support, you’ll receive:

  • Your company name & logo highlighted on Provender website Stewardship main page
  • Spotlights in Provender’s eNews & Website
  • During Provender’s Annual Educational Conference
    • Featured slide in Conference Slideshow with your company logo & message
    • Verbal thank you’s by Executive Director and host MC before Conference Keynote presentation
    • Key acknowledgement with logo on Conference landing page
  • Social Media posts highlighting your Company’s Mission and Values


It’s easy to contribute – Choose the amount and frequency, and whether to contribute by credit card or check. If you would like to tailor your specific arrangements for giving, please let us know. Provender is a 501(c)6 nonprofit trade organization. If you prefer to contribute as an individual, please fill in the “Organization” line to say “Individual.”

Your support makes a world of difference as an essential part of the natural foods movement and trade, ensuring independence and integrity for generations to come. Click HERE to become a Provender Alliance Steward