Community Conversations

Come join with other Provender community members for monthly peer-to-peer, Community Conversations. We meet on Zoom on the second Tuesday of the month at 12:00 – 1:00 pm Pacific Time. Hear from and share with your peer group as together we anticipate, as best we can, and share our knowledge, experience, and best practices for each topic. These educational gatherings are lively, stimulating, and a great way to connect with both new and familiar faces!


Mission Driven Businesses: Sustaining Success with Core Principles
Friday, December 14th @ noon – 1:00 pm PST

This month’s Community Conversation will be part of our continued learning together how to build towards a more sustainable future by putting today’s opportunities to the best use. Over the past year we’ve had Community Conversations with thought leaders from across our community on topics having to do with E-Commerce, Financial Planning, Staff Recruiting and Retention, Supply Chains, and many others.

We hope now to unearth the foundation of our most successful and sustained businesses with a series of Conversations about Mission. Looking back at the conversations through the year, a pattern emerges. Often it’s the companies with the clearest vision of the fundamental reasons for creating their enterprises in the first place – the ones that have an unchanging set of driving principles – these are the ones most able to be flexible in their practices and products, and meet suddenly changing circumstances most successfully. We’ll begin by exploring this paradox with leaders from Provender Alliance’s mission-driven businesses. Please register here.

After the one-hour Conversation, our Zoom room will be open an extra 15 minutes (from 1:00 – 1:15 pm) for more casual networking and continuing the conversation. We hope that you can stay longer and join in.

Learn from and share what you know with like-minded members of the Provender Community during a lunchtime gathering.  This is the Provender brain trust at its best!

Find inspiration from others across the Provender community to:

• Supercharge your department and/or business
• Make your business more successful
• Address the challenges of the pandemic’s impact

If you’d like to speak at the front end of the conversation when our facilitator highlights input and experience from key contributors, please contact us.

If you have questions about attending, please email or call the Provender office at (503) 859-3600.

This event will be recorded and a copy will be available afterward for all registrants. Please note that by registering for this event, you give permission to be recorded, and for the content to be distributed later by Provender Alliance.

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