Provender News

January Provender News

January 16th 2018

by Vicki Reich One year ago yesterday, I received a fateful text from one of our board member. I was on my way home from an annual weekend retreat with some of my best friends and had stopped for gas in a very small town in North Idaho that miraculously had cell phone service.  This board member and I had served on the Board for many years and she thought I would like to know that Susan (our long serving, [Read More]

News from the Board of Directors

January 11th 2018

by Rachel Mitrani Hello to our Provender Community! I would like to first send wishes for a happy and healthy new year! As we enter 2018, it is a great time to set positive intentions for both personal and professional goals. Your Provender Board of Directors would like to extend an invitation to let us know what we can do to support your organizations in this new year. We are currently working on a strategic plan to make sure we [Read More]

November Provender News

November 14th 2017

by Vicki Reich I’m sure the busy season has started in ernest for many of you.  As a former natural foods retail, I remember the stress of trying to make sure my customers could find just what they were looking for when they came to my store.  I’m guessing being a manufacture at this time of year has its own special stresses.  Even if your customers are too busy dealing with making the holidays perfect for their customers to be [Read More]

News from the Board of Directors

November 13th 2017

by Shawn Seebach, Board Secretary Another Provender conference has come and gone and I have to say, what an amazing conference it was! I am still feeling so energized by our amazing members and what you all bring to this community! It was great to see some familiar faces and also all the new ones. Thank you to all who came and made it the best conference yet! As we mentioned at our General Membership Meeting, the Board elections [Read More]

October Provender News

October 16th 2017

from the desk of Vicki Reich, Executive Director. The 41st Annual Provender Educational Conference was a great success!  If you attended, I hope you agree.  A quick perusal of the giant stack of workshop evaluations on my desk seem to indicate that attendees really enjoyed the workshops.  The food was stellar as always (the only complaint I heard was it was so good that people ate too much).  We had two truly inspiring keynote presenters.  The snack room was above [Read More]

Here’s What’s Happening in August!

August 16th 2017

According to the countdown clock on the website there are 48 days, 18 hours and 20 minutes remaining until the start of the conference.  That is pretty darn exciting (and a wee bit scary on my end)!  I am so looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting all the wonderful people I’ve been emailing for the past five months. Things are really coming together.  I hope you have all had the opportunity to check out the Conference Announcement.  We [Read More]

Board Announces Hiring of New Executive Director

August 16th 2017

Your Provender board is excited to announce the official hiring of Vicki Reich as our new Executive Director! After several months of job posting, screening and interviewing, the board narrowed the candidate field to 3 qualified and talented individuals. There were over 20 applicants for the position! Vicki has spent many years as a Provender board member and most recently as the Interim ED. Vicki’s skill set is broad and diverse. She has a great history and perspective with the [Read More]

Notes from the Board

August 18th 2017

We all, as a people, have been affected by the recent, tragic, disturbing events in Charlottesville, leaving us reflecting on what this all means and how this fits into our ideas of who we are and who we mean to be. During these last few days I have been inspired by the chorus of voices singing in solidarity against hate, fascism, white supremacy, and the unacceptable equivocation of the President. Now that the worst among us seems to be rising [Read More]

Here’s What’s Happening in July

July 17th 2017

-from the desk of Vicki Reich, Interim Executive Director What’s Happening?  The Conference is happening!  On-line registration (yes, on-line registration!) opens this Wednesday July 19th.  It’s a pretty exciting moment in my world and I hope it is in yours. The conference packet will be available in PDF format on the same day (I’d publish it today but I’m still waiting on a couple of last minute descriptions and it looks kind of messy right now).  If you are as [Read More]

A Guide to Sustainable Farmland Investing – Healing People and the Planet

July 17th 2017

Article originally published in the GreenMoney eJournal (June 2017). More on GreenMoney at- A Guide to Sustainable Farmland Investing – Healing People and the Planet by David Miller, Co-founder and CEO, Iroquois Valley Farms We at Iroquois Valley Farms are pleased to announce a new corporate entity as we begin our 11th season of operations. In 2007 when we started the company, our idea was simple – growing healthy foods on organic soils would be good business. We are [Read More]