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In Solidarity with Black Lives Matter – Provender Alliance Can and Will Do More

June 16th 2020

Dear Provender Community, The Provender Alliance stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We echo the calls demanding justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, and all Black people whose lives have been stolen by racism and police brutality. Black Lives Matter, and we all have a duty to uphold this truth and fight for a real change of the systemic racism that oppresses Black people. If you haven’t [Read More]

Provender Voices: Reports from the Front Lines

March 31st 2020
Abigail R. Harris

by Abigail Harris – Executive Director, Provender Alliance Food is a necessity, not a luxury, and Provender members are on the front lines as essential workers. Last week Provender took an informal survey and asked members about their experiences, both from a logistics perspective and a personal perspective. Many took time from their busy lives to share what’s going on for them. Reports include: “Staff are crazy stressed but have been very supportive of each other – if they don’t get [Read More]

Provender Debuts New ‘Ask and Offer’ Network

March 19th 2020

Provender Alliance is excited to announce that we are launching a new tool: the Provender Community ‘Ask And Offer’ Network. This new online network provides a straightforward way to ask for and offer help, advice, connections, and experience (using a platform called Givitas). The goal is to make it easier for our community to harness the knowledge and expertise we have in our incredible network to make everyone more successful. For example, if you need advice on a supply chain [Read More]

From the Board of Directors: Those on the Front Lines in our Industry

March 19th 2020

by Mark DiMaggio – board member, Provender Alliance We hope that everyone is as safe and healthy as they can be during these challenging times. I had intentions of writing about the natural products industry in the Pacific Northwest, reevaluating the need for mega trade shows and mega distributors. However, with the growing impact of COVID-19, I feel this is an important time to appreciate those on the front lines in our industry.  Grocery stores and their [Read More]

Expo West Exposés: What Went Wrong?

March 3rd 2020
Abigail R. Harris

by Abigail R. Harris – Executive Director, Provender Alliance As you have probably heard by now, New Hope officially postponed Expo West less than 24 hours before the scheduled starting time of workshops and seminars. As of noon on Monday, New Hope was still updating its website with the message that the show would go on, even while estimating that 40-60% of attendees were canceling.  On March 1, two major and [Read More]

Is Certified Organic Hydroponics the New Frankenfoods?

February 18th 2020
Abigail R. Harris

by Abigail Harris – Executive Director, Provender Alliance Is Certified Organic hydroponics the new Frankenfoods? New developments are arising within CCOF and the broader natural foods community regarding organic certification of hydroponics. A few years ago, USDA Organic approved hydroponic operations. Within the organic community, this continues to be a big bone of contention. At the recent EcoFarm Conference in California, many attendees participated in a tour of a Certified Organic [Read More]

Editorial: Biokleen Sells to Global Equity Firm

February 10th 2020
Abigail R. Harris

by Abigail Harris – Executive Director, Provender Alliance I heard big news the other day that Pacific Northwest-based Biokleen sold to The Carlyle Group (via their subsidiary Weinman Products), one of the world’s largest equity firms with over $200 billion in assets. I use Biokleen laundry powder and Bac-out stain remover. I first heard of their products from my cashier at the Food Conspiracy Co-op in Tucson when I lived there years ago. She was a mom and said the [Read More]

From the Executive Director’s Desk

December 19th 2019
Abigail R. Harris

by Abigail Harris For those of us in the Pacific Northwest natural foods industry – the biggest news of this holiday season is the announcement that New Seasons Market of Portland, OR, has sold to Emart of South Korea. This sale to a global retailer is the main topic of conversation in many break rooms of Provender member businesses. New Seasons was originally revered as a local business that “made good” in a competitive market place crowded with Whole Foods [Read More]

From the Board of Directors: How a Provender Connection Turned a ‘Cold Call’ into a Warm Business Relationship

December 19th 2019

by Mark DiMaggio – board member, Provender Alliance We have another successful Conference in the books! Thank you to all members that participated and send staff to the Conference. Being at the Conference provides tremendous energy and inspiration to first-timers and those that have been for 40 years. Yet, I encourage all members and staff to realize what it means to be a part of the Provender community outside of the Conference. Being a Provender member means more than attending [Read More]

November Inspiration from the Board: Jenica Caudill

November 26th 2019
Jenica Caudill

Every year after the conference, once the excitement has dissipated some, there’s often a bit of sadness for many of us Provenderians. The reality sets in that we have to wait a WHOLE YEAR before we’ll all get to convene again. We, your board, also feel that pain. But, I’d be remiss if I didn’t also say that this is an exhilarating time of year for the board. We immediately get to dive into reflecting on feedback from this year’s [Read More]

Voices from the 2019 Conference: Provender’s 43rd Annual Educational Conference Highlights

November 12th 2019

Here are just a few of the many comments from a fun, informative, and inspirational 2019 Provender Alliance Conference:   Introduction to Conscious Leadership “The awareness and responsibility for my own emotions and approaching those without judgement. And so much more. This was an excellent workshop.” “So many tools we walked away with and seriously–this intensive was INTENSE in a good way.” “Applies to every aspect of my life. Rich material I’ll be thinking about and building on for [Read More]

A Provender Conference Attendee’s Summary of his Experience

November 5th 2019

I just got back from an educational and inspiring conference put on by Provender Alliance (PA), a non-profit trade organization that serves natural food businesses. A decade ago, I was on the PA steering committee, and I am pleased to announce I’m back in service of this great organization. I will begin a two-year term as the newest PA board member starting in January 2020.  PA caters to businesses (manufacturers, distributors, and retailers) that practice humane treatment of [Read More]

From the Executive Director’s Desk

September 19th 2019
Abigail R. Harris

by Abigail Harris You know the stories about innocent high school sweethearts who lose touch after graduation, go on to live their lives, re-meet years later, fall in love for real, and create a meaningful future together? Well, that’s me and you (the Provender Alliance Community and larger natural products trade). A long time ago, I served on CCOF’s marketing committee to contribute to a movement in which I believe. I was fresh out of college and definitely the youngest [Read More]

From the Board of Directors

September 19th 2019

by Rachel Mitrani, Board Treasurer Greetings to the Provender Community! It is with great honor and sadness that I am writing my final journal entry as a board member for the Provender Alliance. I have served this community for 6 years on the board and a few years prior as a volunteer. It has been an experience I will treasure for so many reasons. First and foremost, the long-lasting relationships and friendships I have gained are priceless. I have also [Read More]