Fair World Project Redesigns Reference Guide to Fair Trade Labels

FairWorld Project
September 19th 2019

by Fair World Project

Are you a decision-maker for purchases at your natural foods co-op or grocery store, or simply want to be an informed consumer making conscious choices with the dollars you spend? If so, Fair World Project’s Reference Guide to Fair Trade Labels will help you with those decisions.

This updated reference guide has been newly redesigned. It is now easier to understand and includes letter grades to rank each label on key criteria, based on the analysis of the global coalition of fair trade advocacy organizations and academics behind the forthcoming edition of the International Guide to Fair Trade Labels.

Not all labels mean the same thing. This easily-printable resource can help guide your choices to best align with your values. We recommend posting it in the staff room, near the computer where orders are placed, in the produce aisle of your store, or simply on your own refrigerator.




Fair World Project (FWP) is a non-profit that advocates for fair trade policies that support small-scale farmers, artisans, and workers by promoting organic and fair trade practices and transparent third-party certification. Through consumer education and advocacy, FWP supports dedicated fair trade producers and brands and insists on integrity in use of the term “fairness” certifications, labeling and marketing. FWP is also a member of the Provender Alliance.