Finance Manager Job Opening-People’s Food Co-op

February 27th 2018

People’s Food Cooperative, a collectively-managed retail food cooperative that’s been around since 1970, is hiring for a new Finance Manager.

People’s is deeply committed to valuing people, land, and animals, and this touches all parts of our work.

This is a great opportunity for someone with an accounting, retail management, and/or business management certificate, degree, or professional experience. The position manages the finances of our $5.7 million/year grocery store, and also helps manage the vision and direction of our store. Starting pay is $14/hour with great benefits.

The position is open until filled, though we’d like the first round of applications the end of February. Please see our employment page for details:

If you could forward this email to or anyone else you think might be interested, our community-owned, world-changing grocery store would appreciate it!