Hummingbird Wholesale Launches New Website

October 9th 2018

New Website Launch!

We are excited to share that Hummingbird Wholesale’s website will have a new face starting today! This is step one in a two part launch series—updating Hummingbird’s brand and improving user experience on our website. We look forward to being able to share meaningful and interesting stories about our vision and mission, our sustainability efforts, our farmers, and our products.For the first part of the new website launch, you will see is a more modern look and feel when going to the website and viewing product information.

Here is a peek at what the site will look like:

Looking Ahead…

Next year we will be working towards an eCommerce website that will allow you to purchase unique, Organic, pantry staples from the convenience of your home. Here is a look at a section of our product collection page where you can view our product line and details about products we sell:

We could not be more excited to invite you to check out all of our pages on the new website, including information about our #OrganicOregon #OrganicWorld campaign. Stay tuned as we continue to grow organic one farm at a time.

With love
-The Birds