Brewing Coffee: What’s in your cup and how did it get there?

Time: Friday Oct 4th from 10:30AM to 12:00PM

Location: Mt. Adams

Speaker(s): Shawn Seebach (Senior Sales Manager) and Stephanie DiMaggio (West Sales Manager) - Equal Exchange

In this workshop, we will go through a short overview of Equal Exchanges coffee supply chains from seed to cup. After that, we will focus on the cup, where we will do a hands-on tutorial of different brewing methods and techniques and give you some tips on how to create the best cup of coffee wherever you are.

Shawn Seebach grew up in a small town in MN with a beautiful Food Co-op, the place where she learned her love for delicious food and good coffee. After spending over a decade working at Food Co-ops in the mid-west, she moved to Portland and has worked at Equal Exchange since 2012. Here favorite way to brew coffee is in a French Press.


Stephanee DiMaggio started her journey working in Fair Trade coffee back in her college days at UCSC with a student led non-profit that sourced coffee from PRODECOOP in Nicaragua* and has been hooked (addicted) ever since. Stephanee began working at Equal Exchange in 2011 in our Massachusetts office as a Sales Rep. In 2016, she moved to Portland with her husband and dog and now works as a Senior Sales Manager in the West. Her favorite coffee brewing method is the Chemex.

*Fun fact: PRODECOOP was also the first co-op Equal Exchange sourced coffee from over 30 years ago.